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Hangover Tribe

This is a tribe where all of us who maybe like to party a bit tooooo hard can get together! And obviously, since this is TribeSPORTS, try to use fitness to overcome said hangovers ;)

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Becky A Hangover Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Becky A My saturday night!


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Victoria C Hangover Tribe Tribe

I used to suffer with terrible reflux before I had my gall badder removed. Now its gone, not only do I get merry that much quicker (not being much of a drinker probably adds to me getting merrier too) i mainly get a yukky tasting and dry mouth,but...

Jonathan H Hangover Tribe Tribe

I used to be able to drink almost anything with no hangover, up until the age of 23.  From there hangovers became more common, but still not a guaranteed result of a drink.  I tend to get them quite badly now though-trips to the bathroom for nasea...

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Rebecca M

created the tribe

14th March 2013



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