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Being a hardgainer is no trip to the park... but with the right vision, knowledge, dedication, and support, we'll turn this burden into a challenge and an opportunity that pave our way towards a better version of ourselves... sexy cuts and all. So raise your glasses guys because when life gives us lemons, we'll make protein shakes...

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Ricky R hardgainers Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Ricky R answered the question weight gain problem

First off, stop giving up buddy, gaining muscle mass is a slow process, but it will happen so long as you are getting enough calories and doing regular lifting or progressive bodyweight exercise. Consistancy is key,...

Garry H hardgainers Tribe

Sports-iqsilver Garry H answered the question Protein Powder?

Mate the world of protein powders is deliberatly confusing, a ploy by the manufacturers. I stick with a basic whey concentrate, and use a couple others supps to top them up its much cheaper. But protein shakes should...

Fredz M hardgainers Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Fredz M answered the question Protein Powder?

it would depend to what protein powder you would take sir, if it doen not give you any reactions, ei, pimples and others. but, in my gym, i would recommend nitro-tech for maintainance and if you really wanna get bulk...

David A hardgainers Tribe

Which protein powder do you all find to be most effective? I just ran out of muscle milk and I like it but would like better results. I'm using only 100% whey at the moment but would like to add whey isolates for after workouts and would like any...

Ashley B hardgainers Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Ashley B answered the question Any help here

I personal go three times a week with a rest day in between... Its important to have breaks for your muscles to recover, otherwise you wont see much gain. But thats my personal opinion, it all depends on you. 

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