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Healthy Desserts

The Tribe for swapping healthy dessert recipes and healthy sweet ideas.

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Daniel H Healthy Desserts Tribe

Contributorgold Daniel H LOVE!!

Fav of mine: Late night treat!!!

3/4 of a cup of light cottage cheese, a pot of lite berry yogurt, mix it together and top with low calorie passionfruit sauce!! OMM NOM NOM!!


this looks great. I might try the same thing with Total Greek yoghurt instead of cottage cheese

Daniel H encouraged this.


good idea mate, good Greek yoghurt is impossible to find here in NZ so I'm stuck with cottage cheese

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Loretta A Healthy Desserts Tribe

Contributorgold Loretta A One of my quick and easy, guilt-free desserts only has 2 ingredients: frozen banana (I always have some in the freezer) and vanilla protein powder. Blitz both in a food processor for a good 3-4 minutes and it ends up like creamy, soft ice cream. Yum.

Teresa D encouraged this.


Sounds lovely delicious, I also have some frozen banana so I´ll do that.

Loretta A encouraged this.

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Anjali S Healthy Desserts Tribe

Anjali S created the guide Cocoa Oat Truffles

Yield: 30-45 servings

Serving Size: 1 truffle

Calories per serving: 40.9-61.4

Fat per serving: 1.7g-2.6g

Nutritional Info:

If using 2 tsp per truffle, makes 45 servings. Per serving: 40.9 calories, 1.7g fat, 1g fiber, 4g sugar, 1.1g protein

Ayesha M Healthy Desserts Tribe

Hello everyone, I love sweet things! They're my ultimate weakness, however when I'm managing to be disciplined and I'm eating well, I love to experiment and try to create healthy version of deserts and sweet treats so that really, I can have my ca...

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Tribe creator

Adrian K

created the tribe

14th June 2013



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