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Heroes in Sport

Ok here it goes. If you could ask one question to your heroes in sport from childhood or as an adult what would it be? (phase I)

Have you ever had the opportunity to ask them this question?

What did they say?

Did it inspire you?

How did it inspire you to achieve greatness and awesomeness through sheer hard work and uncompromising training?

Can you pass on their expert IP and techniques to fellow Tribesporters here who would like to improve their game?

What product or accessory did they recommend and gain a leading advantage with?

Which next sporting hero of yours would you ask and what new question would you ask?

When is your next opportunity to ask them this question?

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Nick B Heroes in Sport Tribe

Did you enjoy the game? I have it in my top 10 sporting moments. (haven't up loaded it yet because everytime I try it fails). It was my son's first live game. I have explained that it is not always that good.  Who wa...

James G Heroes in Sport Tribe

Joanna. I was talking to Tony McCoy two weeks ago at the races. The regime, diet, sauna, training and race day cycles of a pro jockey are intense. Not to mention the corporate and sponsors pressures on their time. Th...

Joanna  R Heroes in Sport Tribe

Julie Krone is one of the most famous female jockeys in horse racing and I saw her race at Saratoga many times, in fact she was my default bet, if she was racing I bet on her.  I would wait near where the trainers an...

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