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Hiking in the US

The title explains itself! If you love talking about it, reading about it and going out hiking and backpacking as much as I do I want to hear about it. I love hearing stories of where people have been, what they did and how it changed them. I am also an equipment junkie! I love surfing the web for new gear, and watching tutorials on what works and doesn't work. I want to hear your opinions on what gear you think is best, where you have hiked and backpacked. Where you want to hike and backpack and anything else you can think of that involves hiking and backpacking!!

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Ben S Hiking in the US Tribe

Contributorgold Ben S I wold really like to get into hiking someday. What I call hikes for me is going out with the dog and hunting birds and I go where the dog goes which means pretty rigorous with no trails and some times walking in shoulder high grass and weed patches and briar patches over head high.

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Beau D Hiking in the US Tribe

Contributorgold Beau D Well... was in the Black Hills of SD recently for a solo... Result almost being struck by lightning twice... several trees fell near me because of Pine Beetle infestation and to top it off broke one of my hiking poles and have lost three toe nails so far.... WOW what a great time :)

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