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Holidays and traditions around the world

We work hard on different levels with sports and training. We watch what we eat. But there are other days that gives us something else to look forward to. Maybe we allow our self that extra treat or some extra rest. I think we should enjoy holidays without feeling guilty. Just get back to normal routines again afterwards.

On tribesports a big portion of the world is represented. We don´t all celebrate the same holidays and traditions. I think it would be fun to share the food, the music, the clothes that we have in common or never heard about. So the next time it´s a holiday coming up remember to educate us! It´s a part of wellbeing and that makes it a part of health, right?

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Lavinia I Holidays and traditions around the world Tribe

Contributorgold Lavinia I Blessed to have been in Romania for Easter this year. Sweet bread (cozonac), painted eggs (these are of the simplest variety; more images of elaborately adorned Romanian Easter eggs at, and... oh, perhaps some tart cherry brandy? :) (The latter not necessarily an Easter-specific item :).)

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Kristin B Holidays and traditions around the world Tribe

Contributorgold Kristin B As today’s holiday is Memorial Day in the States, it seemed fitting for my first post to this tribe to be aboutit. Not sure how this is done but I will give a brief history (forgive any inaccuracies as history is not my strong suit) and personal reflections. Memorial Day is a day we honor those who have died while serving our country in the armed forces. It started after the Civil War as a way to honor those who died during that war, but has since changed name and date.

Depending on where you live, there are parades and speeches on city grounds. People will bring their flags out to hang. I remember times where you would wake up the morning of Memorial Day to find a small flag in the grass outside your house. It is incredibly moving to see a street lined with those flags. Seems it has changed as the years have gone by. Today I only see two homes down the entire street that have a line of flags in front. In the city intersection there are veterans passing out poppies. You stop your car at the light and give a donation and receive your little red poppy that you proudly hang from your rear view mirror. Much of the TV programming shares stories of those who lost their lives fighting for our country. Yesterday I watched a program dedicated to the women who have served and lost their lives in doing so.

Although not to be confused with Veteran’s Day which honors all who have served, today I also think of those who served and are left with the physical and emotional scars of battle. I don’t come from a necessarily military family. Dad was a Marine and my uncle served. My father lost a cousin he loved in Vietnam. Throughout my life I have know those who served in WWII and Vietnam, hearing their stories. Always been somewhat of a naïve pacifist when it comes to war and may not always agree with where we stand, but I DO support and I am immensely thankful for what they do for our country. I am in awe of our soldiers. It takes a special person to dedicate their lives for all of us and I am forever grateful. In my youth I was close to joining the Marines. Met with the recruiter several times, trained like mad out of fear of not making it though boot camp, but in the end I didn’t join. I often question what my life would have been had I. Thank you to all the soldiers who followed their calling and defended, or defend, our country. You are brave and will not be forgotten. Bless you and yours!

As I said before it seems that the holiday has sadly changed over the years. For some it is more about it being the unofficial first day of summer, time for barbecues and going up north to the lake, or for buying your annuals to plant since it is deemed “safe” from frost.

On a personal note, my mother passed away in an auto accident (over twenty years ago) just before Memorial Day. So this holiday is also spent thinking of her. My heart is always heavy on this weekend. Long first post, huh??? :)


Thanks so much sweet Jeff! Now the tear are flowing AGAIN today, but it is all good. Memories are beautiful and so was she:))). it's been a kind of melancholy day feeling like mom is all around me. Those things I call angel taps. Thank you for the beautiful words. Bless you!


Hugs right back at you Maria:) Thank you! It was strange how I was writing away (a LONG way) about the holiday and then the words about mom came out. Ahhhhh:)

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Lavinia I Holidays and traditions around the world Tribe

It all starts on the night of St. Andrew... It's only the night that slides into November 30th, Christmas is still many nights away, but this is when the crisp air starts to smell of the smoke that's coming up the chimneys, twirling eerily in the...

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