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Holistically Healthy

This tribe is for any and all who wish to join. The purpose is to encourage each other through the journey of becoming healthier in all areas of your life. This is a no judge zone. All are accepted and welcome!

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Kevin G Holistically Healthy Tribe

my happy place is anywhere out in the great outdoors. Woods, lakes, rivers even roads. Where i live we have a Creek saucepan shaped which can be made 5km through to 10km with farm animals, wildlife, water and boats,...

Kevin G Holistically Healthy Tribe

My overriding goal for 2015 is to Run, Walk, Cycle, Swim, Row and Ellipt futher than I did in each of these sports in 2014. Total target is 4,075 km which also means remaining injury free, resting and defining my training weekly. 

Also, have just...

Bob K Holistically Healthy Tribe

Simply my daughters. Looking or thinking about them encourages me when feeling discouraged or having to do tasks I do not like knowing I have their support and set the example for them of not giving up be at in exerc...

Victoria S Holistically Healthy Tribe

I find that listening to some really good music (I like Led Zep/Pink Floyd for these kind of moods) helps me to take my mind off what is bugging me - and then I remind myself of what a wild old Gaffer said to Samwise...

Kevin G Holistically Healthy Tribe

I look back and think of the journey I have been undertaking for the past couple of years, my fitness and health and nutrition improvements, my past achievements and my future goals. This, and the simple acknowledgem...

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Tribe creator

Beka W

created the tribe

28th April 2014



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