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Horse Riders

For all of us who love horses and enjoy getting in the saddle!!

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René P Horse Riders Tribe

Contributorbronze René P I got slung around a field today by a dominant mare, managed to stay on my feet and earn some respect! It was fantastic.

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Mirja E Horse Riders Tribe

Contributorgold Mirja E It has been wayyyy to long since I was last on a horse... But I found this pic from my albums. It's the only one I have of the horse I used to ride... every day for over a year :) She is an albino and by breed an Estonian :) (the pic was taken 13 years ago...I'm the one in the left corner :D )


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Rose K Horse Riders Tribe

Contributorgold Rose K @lenac this one is for you!! This is Hamish, he looks just like your daughters pony, although I feel I am a little big??


LOL. Nice one. Those little ponies are just so adorable.

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I know!! He is just the sweetest thing ever!! He has to trot to keep up with me walking!!

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When we are out my daughter rides, I'm walking and pulling an other one that just wont keep my pace. Funny when with the ponies they often walk behind me but when I am out with Nelson our little dog he is pulling me and he is not even 1/3 of their size :)

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Hilary P Horse Riders Tribe

Hi, I've been riding forever.  I love to ride, and and everything I do in life is to further my riding ability both physically and financially.  I love the bond one find with a horse, the feeling of being one with an animal who will do anything fo...

Christina S Horse Riders Tribe

Communicatorbronze Christina S replied to the topic First Horse Show

Thanks, Kate. I'm sure that my little horse and I won't do very well in the English class, but that's not what it's about. It's about getting out there for a great cause and doing what we can to help out, while having fun. :) I've ridden bareback...

Kate N Horse Riders Tribe

Communicatorbronze Kate N replied to the topic First Horse Show

Hey Christina, Best of luck for your forthcoming show. How exciting!. I am so glad that you have chosen some really fun events - that's what it's all supposed to be about. Too many people forget that and it becomes stressful for them and their hor...

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Tribe creator

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11th February 2012



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