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I hate Plantar Fasciitis Tribe

A few months ago I started to experience pain in my left heel and was told by medical the I have plantar fasciitis. Well, I have come to the conclusion that this condition sucks. It is starting to really take a toll on my running to the point that I am not sure I will be able to seeing as how I can barely walk at the moment. Anyway, this tribe is for those who have suffered this painful condition so that they can share advice on how to deal with it or just complain a bit :)

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Kevin G I hate Plantar Fasciitis Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Kevin G X Ray on Friday has confirmed I have a Heel Spur as well as PF with a choice of put up with or surgery with 6 month recovery and a 70% success rate. Anybody suffered the same and / or have an opinion, would love to hear people's thoughts, cheers in advance


Sorry to hear that. Does the 70% mean the spur recur or it doesn't fix it first time?

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Chris, the cut of the PF and the heel spur removal combined has a 70% success rate of fixing, they don't do just heel spur removal (not sure why). Not sure what to do, won't be rushing this decision

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Dwight W I hate Plantar Fasciitis Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Dwight W Well after battling an injury that started with a case of plantar fasciitis back around October 2012 I finally have met a doctor who has done due diligence. Apparently, through the course of my "recovery" I managed to partially tear/rupture the fascia tendon. Let me tell you it has not been a fun time over the last year and a half dealing with this. Not sure what the plan of attack is to fix this after physical therapy failed to make any improvement but I meet with the doc next week so we'll see. Was supposed to be training for a marathon this year but all those plans pretty much went up in smoke. Too bad the Navy doc I was seeing right before retirement failed to properly identify the problem :P

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Mirja E I hate Plantar Fasciitis Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Mirja E I need some advice and maybe you guys here can give me some.
The thing is that yesterday, out of the blue, my heel started hurting so bad I could hardly walk... Every step feels like stepping a nail into my heel and it at points hurts to move my toes too. When palpating the heel, the most painful place is the same as indicated on the picture above.... BUT I have done nothing different these last days than usually and the pain started ally suddenly (no sprains, no stepping badly, etc).

Any ideas, what could be causing the pain and should I be concerned (I have some joint problems, which I have described in my bio)


It could the start of a gout attack, your purine levels in your body could be a bit high! I don't like using anti inflammatories, but use some and drink loads of water! Also maybe consult your GP!

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Haven't had a gout attack before but I have been drinking less than usually for a few days. Will dig up a few pills and make a large jug of tea and drink it right up :) Ope to get this sorted out in a few days as I'm going on vacation to Crete on Sunday... Thanks for the suggestions!

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Louise W I hate Plantar Fasciitis Tribe Tribe

Contributorbronze Louise W hi there i am a long term sufferer with PF ive have had the problem for over two years now, with lots of different physios, a podiatrist with specially made orthotics, acupucture and at the moment have had one injection of cortizone in the pad of my foot with no effect and now due to have another injection in the top of my foot. So its has proper ruined any fun i used to have running i am sick and tired of this injury affecting my life and wonder if it will ever subside, Anyone else had PF for a long time?? what did you do to get rid of this irritating injury??


I came down with PF about 3 years ago and had no idea what to do about it. Then I read the book Born to Run, and realized that perhaps my arches were weakened by wearing such supportive shoes that they never had to work anymore. I picked up a pair of 5-fingers and wore them everywhere. Then I purchased a pair of minimalist running shoes with no arch support whatsoever. When you don't wear arch supports, your own arches have to start holding themselves up, making them stronger. I have been pain free for the last year and a half. It took a while to build up the arch strength, but I think it was more than worth it. I never spent a dime on pricey treatments. I never wear supportive shoes anymore and even hike in my 5-fingers. My feet are very happy now. :) I hope you find something that works for you, PF is no fun at all.

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Dwight W I hate Plantar Fasciitis Tribe Tribe

Woo Hoo!!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing what worked for you.  With the exception of the deep massage sound pretty similar to what I have been doing.  I am getting there but not there just yet.  Seem to be having more trouble with the forefoot...

Dwight W I hate Plantar Fasciitis Tribe Tribe

Thought I would throw some links together leading to challenges that can be used to help prevent and treat Plantar Fasciitis.  Most of these are now a part of my regular routine along with using a door jam by placing my foot toes up against it and...

Maria G I hate Plantar Fasciitis Tribe Tribe

Contributorbronze Maria G go see a homeopath, there are some good remedies for this. you could also see a TCM Dr.


Had acupunture on it last week, not much help and been truing all kinds of stuff the last few months but..... time for some professional help. I am waiting on a referral to a podiatrist. Hard not to run, did two short one milers this week and those were painful so I have taken to the bike. My last long run was a really, really BAD idea. Have a feeling I am going to miss out on the Pensacola Double Bridge run on the 2nd :( Good news is that today I was almost able to walk without a ginormous limp after not even being able to put weight on it Monday :)


Hey Dwight don,t know if you have gone to podiatrist yet or not.But I had the same problem a few years ago.I couldn,t run 2 mins without being in great pain in my heal.Once I went and saw the podiatrist he explained what was happening.I had costumized orthodictics made.Once I put them in my shoes and starting running the pain was almost gone instantly.Now I wear them in all my foot wear.

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