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I hate running

Let's face it people. Running is ungrateful and hard. Who wants to sweat running to somewhere while you can gracefully bike, amazingly rollerblade or again astonishingly fly there?

This tribe is for everyone who hate running and do something else instead! Don't be scared! Just say it! Don't feel pressured by all these crazy people called runners! (And I know there are numerous on TS!!!)

WARNING: This tribe is not about hating other while running! I could be fun but that's not the point!

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Shanell H I hate running Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Shanell H answered the question CALF CRAMPS

Thanks for your answer, it does still hurt so I am taking walking breaks during my running which has helped and have increased my bike riding. I do believe it is more then a cramp now. Will have to make an appointmen...

Shanell H I hate running Tribe

I have been running and about a week ago I experienced a bad cramp in my calf. Tried to walk it out, then stretch but when I started running again it came right back. 2 runs after were not to bad, could feel it but tolerable. Last nights run was h...

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Malachy K I hate running Tribe

Become a juggler, or a hula hooper, or play with diabolos, balance on a rolla bolla, or maybe try spining poi, or staff, or plates. Or better yet, take up slacklining for knee and ankle rehab/prehab, core conditioning, legwork, cardio, yoga and me...

Helene C I hate running Tribe

Contributorgold Helene C I have to leave this tribe.... started running and found myself liking it more and more!!!! Sorry guys!!!


We're sorry to lose you, but glad you're having fun!

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Alice Nancy B I hate running Tribe

Hi there! I've tried to start running several times, both at the park and the gym, with a friend or with my boyfriend. But with no improves. I just feel like dying each time. And bored, bored, bored! 

Moreover i cannot stand weather changes: in M...

Rebecca M I hate running Tribe

Well then, hi, I'm Rebecca! I dislike running I guess because in my mind I build it up to be such a big thing ('I'll have to change, get ready, drink loads of water, make a new playlist, get my ipod' etcetc...) excuses galore! Going out for a walk...

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27th February 2013



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