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I Run to No Music

Stopped running to music? Maybe you never started? So what do you do to fill the void? Some of us talk to ourselves, serve as our coach and give pep talks or a little tough love. Some just take in the sounds of nature or the urban jungle. Join I Run to No Music if you go sans tunes. Let us know what you think and what you do in place of playing music!

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Kevin G I Run to No Music Tribe

Absolutely agree with every word, just how I like enjoy a run.

I love the great outdoors, rain or snow, gym is for weights and strength so again no music so I can concentrate on form and counting etc

Kevin G I Run to No Music Tribe

Communicatorgold Kevin G replied to the topic 12 Minute movie: The Runners

an interesting documentary, whilst I may sometimes put the world to rights or solve / sort my own thoughts / challenges/ problems out, that is normally internal to me and my mind.

i guess you dont know how you would react unless you are actually...

Lindy S I Run to No Music Tribe

Communicatorbronze Lindy S replied to the topic Walking my dog

I went jogging with my dog for the first time, today.  She was a little confused at first, but then she got into it and literally bounced along in front of me!  It made the run so much more enjoyable.  I'd love to be able to keep up with her energ...

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Chris N I Run to No Music Tribe

Chris N Just joined this group. Never listened much to music in many years running, and as Anne just commented, love taking in the sounds of nature. Same run, different atmosphere. A few years ago though I got into audio books and took out a sub with Audible. Amazing. I have not 'read' so many books in years. Great for early morning runs when natutre offers few distractions. Current favourite is Neal Stephenson's Baroque cycle; would last you a dew ultras , lol

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Anne T I Run to No Music Tribe

I never run to music! I love taking in the scenery,breathing in the 'green energy',listening to the birds....feeling myself unwind! Just me and the road/lane! Watching the countryside change through the year is a delight....simple

Amanda E I Run to No Music Tribe

pretty much the same reply to others, whilst I do run with my partner and on some runs we discuss stuff or catch up, a lot of times we run in silence and probably both sort out things from the days events or enjoy the weather, the scenery, his pac...

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