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Im a GYMaholic.

This Tribe is for all you GYMaholics out there, young, old, it don't matter. Just be Proud to admit that your have the Gym Addiction and you are totally hooked and there is No going back no matter what happens.

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Brenda M Im a GYMaholic. Tribe

My husband and I have a good routine. We work together and when we go home, we have a quick cuppa while we go over our training session and then we hit the gym! (we have our own small gym — GYMaholics you know....)

We have 5 high protein meals a...

Becky A Im a GYMaholic. Tribe

Contributorgold Becky A I'm 16 and a new gymaholic my work, homework, study and time with friends revolves around my workout

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Mary D Im a GYMaholic. Tribe

I had to change my schedule at work and exchange some duties with my husband so I can complete my workout, I have to cook and plan every meal in the weekend. My kids and husband are also more involved in their own workouts so the hole family suppo...

Dave W Im a GYMaholic. Tribe

I would say that a side effect of being so dedicated to working out means that I need to really plan my diet and food intake and workouts.

Because some supplements are taken with food and others on an empty stomache, I also need to ensure I have...

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24th May 2013


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