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Indoor Cycling

Sufferfest indoor cycling tribe. Where misery loves company and sufferers unite.

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Lisa (Mc Alister) P Indoor Cycling Tribe

I'm just really getting into using my indoor cycle....  Sometimes I can get on for 15 minutes - other times up to an hour.  I do not have the tension fully open - but still as though I'm on an open, relatively flat, road....   What should I be foc...

Dan M Indoor Cycling Tribe

Contributorsilver Dan M Does anyone know if Garmin makes a computer for cycling you can use on a indoor stationary trainer

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Monica S Indoor Cycling Tribe

Im not sure about the noise factor that way, but I can say for the benefit of you and your child I would not try to limit regular noises like that. When my son was down for a nap I followed my moms advice, I made noi...

Ingrid R Indoor Cycling Tribe

Live in small apartment, have small baby so try not to make a lot of noise. Recently bought a stationary bike stand so I can start exercising again, but it makes quite a bit of noise.

Are the smooth purpose designed tyres worth buying?

Shelia B Indoor Cycling Tribe

I use my regular bike indoors I have a stationary stand I uae in the fall and winter months. And in the spring and summer I can take my bike outside and ride. that way i don't have to buy an indoor bike to ride. I ca...

Dave W Indoor Cycling Tribe

I'm new to indoor cycling and have been doing it to improve my fitness over recent months, but have a very old fitness stationary cycle. I am aiming to improve distance and speed and have extremely strong legs, but fairly poor endurance.

It's tim...

Dave H Indoor Cycling Tribe

Dave H logged Cycling
Started training on the turbo in sept now up to an average 80 - 100 miles a week over 5 - 6 days approx 45 - 60 mins a day.
On the bike at 5.30am and in the bath by 6.35 before work in a routine now average about 300 cals and cadence of 85 revs
great fun

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Tony K Indoor Cycling Tribe

Stattobronze Tony K logged 1:00:00 of Cycling
Another good Spin today. Rhythm Ride. Pace work. Simulated Climbing and Sprints. 1038 Calories, 134 Fat grams burned.

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Kirstin M Indoor Cycling Tribe

Sports-iqgold Kirstin M answered the question Equipment

I got a confidence cross trainer/bike from Amazon for Christmas, works great, basic model as I'd never had anything before, well pleased with it, been on it most days since and my partner also uses it regularly :)

Kurt H Indoor Cycling Tribe

Kurt H answered the question Equipment

That's how I did it.  I KNEW I wanted a trainer... was determined to train indoors over the winter.  So I wasn't about to put down any money for a mediocre trainer.  Bought myself a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine right fr...

Jennifer C Indoor Cycling Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Jennifer C answered the question Equipment

Actually i wondered somewhat of the same thing.  I have tried some of the cheaper indoor cycles while in the store and some had wobbly seats.  If i'm going to throw down any money, I want it to be for a piece of equi...

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