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Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination." (Tommy Lasorda)
Ive come across so so many brilliant, inspiring sports Challenges that people are taking on recently. Whether you have seen a Challenge happening, heard about it from a friend, or seen it on Tribesports,

May its not an inspiring Challenge, but an inspiring person, or quote that has got your attention, whatever it is, let everybody here know about it, so that we don't miss out on the good stuff!

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Terry G Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges Tribe

I watched this for the first time today through a link from my son.  I want to emphasize that it shouldn't make you feel guilty.  In this day and age, it's improbable that any of us would give up our computers, cell phones, etc.  Just as it's impr...

Kevin G Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges Tribe

A lot of true comments and a whole lot of commonsense obsevations, thanks for sharing.

I find the mobile phone is a more social destroyer than computer updates on TS !!

Amanda C Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges Tribe

haha!!! All you gotta do is go to the beach and yell "Surfs Up" I'm sure you'll get a friend or two lol 

Amanda C Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges Tribe

This video I recently watched has become very popular just in ONE WEEK! 19 Million views!!! It can and should change your life!!! SERIOUSLY!

Amanda C Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges Tribe

Contributorgold Amanda C I hope this all inspires you today!!! =))))


Love This, needs to be my desktop image for a while :D

Amanda C encouraged this.

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Ashleigh R Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges Tribe

1. Get a new car! This has been a long time coming :) 2. Make it through a very tough year of uni (apparently it's going to be brutal) 3. Escape Sydney for 6 weeks at the end of the year, by working in the Blue...

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