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Interval Training

Studies have shown that fitness can be improved significantly through interval training and many fitness experts believe that it is the most effective form of training. Whether you want to improve your 5km time, run a marathon or use interval training to improve your fitness for teams sports, please post your best training routines here (interval lengths, rest length, number of repetitions, frequency of training).

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Christopher E Interval Training Tribe

I saw a youtube video of a guy running with a tabata song. He sprints for 20 seconds then walks for 10 seconds and repeats for the four minutes. Of course if you like you can I believe I saw a video of Frank Medrano basically doing the same thing...

Phil T Interval Training Tribe

Cheers Kevin.  I've finally realised that just plodding on at the same pace will not make me faster!!  I have to prevent myself from over-training and the resulting injuries though.  I do tend to over enthusiastic and knacker myself.  Thanks for t...

Kevin G Interval Training Tribe

Phil, I wanted to bust 2 hours for a HM so built up endurance to 21km distance first for 8 weeks, then incorporated intervals into last 5 weeks of training. I did 1km warm up and 1km warm down and then did Intervals of 0.33km per each km. Built up...

Faisal M Interval Training Tribe

Faisal M 30 burpees 50 mnt climbers.
30 burpees 50 mnt climbers.
20 burpees 50 mnt climbers.
20 burpees 50 mnt climbers.
20 second rest in between session

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Emily D Interval Training Tribe

Contributorgold Emily D Hopefully spring is right around the corner go be using my favorite interval training on a 400m track.
Two laps of sprinting the straight-aways and lightly striding the curves, then short rest.
Two more laps of sprinting the curves and striding the straight-aways.
Maybe another mile if I have time!
Usually a small warmup beforehand and cool down afterwards, and hydration!

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Ridhwan B Interval Training Tribe

Contributorbronze Ridhwan B I stick to a 5 rounds of 4-6 exercises depending on the intensity of the exercises chosen for that particular session.
My usuals are:
-kettle bell goblet squats
-mountain climbers
-dragon push ups/alternating push ups
-barbell squat press ups(compound)
-variations of crunches/leg raises
-variations of lunges(favorite being kick out lunges)

Timing: 30 sec work, 10 sec rest, with a minute half between rounds.
*hydrate before, during & after workouts

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