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A tribe for all those who use Juice Plus to maintain their sport nutrition or general fitness. Feel free to swap experiences, reviews, favourite products and anything else Juice Plus related...

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Ruth C Juice Plus Users Tribe

Contributorgold Ruth C I went to a presentation tonight attended by Mark Colbourne Paralympic athlete and Dave O'Brien Ultra/Endurance athlete. Dave is very Irish and one hell of a character, worth listening to even if you have no interest in Juice Plus, but he will definitely get you thinking about your nutrition.


He was a lunatic Karin! His main message really was about health and that fitness does not necessarily equal health. He's only the 3rd man and the oldest to run across 4 great deserts in one year - Atacama, Gobi, Sahara and Antartica.

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Did he show photos too? Lunatic, but amazing!

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Yes he had lots of photos in his presentation, he's 60 now with the enthusiasm of a 6 year old!

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