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Just awareness

From the moment we wake up our mind begins to work, so do our bodies. Time just passes "in a blink of an eye" and we are seldom aware of what we do, where we are...who we are. How many times have you stopped and just listened to the sound around you? How many times did you put your hand on the door handle, stop for a millisecond, breathe and then open the door? We just do everything in a rush and then we are amazed of how fast the time has gone.'s our fault. We are always in a rush.

Thus this tribe will try to make you aware of everything around you by suggesting weekly challenges for you to take into your daily life and into your chosen sport. It will help me as well. As people who practice sport you should be aware of your body, your breath, what you see, what you feel, what you smell and so on. I began this in January with my OCR (obstacle course race) coach and it changes my life as an athlete in many sports.

There is a saying I read in a book "you cannot see you own reflection in a running water, but only in one that stands still" (zen masters). So lets STOP for a moment.

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Jez B Just awareness Tribe

Jez B responded to the guide Eating aware

Haha after your other post about food is fuel (I've already had a debate about that with another TS member) now this. Great advise I must admit and will give it a go, but I love eating my tea in front of the TV!  But this should be a good little s...

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