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Ben S Karate Tribe

I am back in to Karate(Tang Soo Do) after a 20 year abscence.  I am having problems with my hip hurtin with hook kicks and roundhouses.  I remember that I started to have this problem when I left as a brown belt.  Are there any stretches that...

Christo B Karate Tribe

Impressive speed and form. Quick and precise without being sloppy. Very nice.

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Ken H Karate Tribe

Communicatorbronze Ken H replied to the topic Push ups?

Sorry but that is plain stupid on the part of your sensei. You have an injury and assuming he/she is aware of it they need their head examining!

Ella J Karate Tribe

Hi all. I am new to Tribe and relatively new to karate - I have been studying Shorinjiryu Kenkokan for about 18 months now and am fifth kyu. Looking forward to learning more about both the art and other people who enjoy it :)

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Michael H Karate Tribe

Communicatorbronze Michael H replied to the topic Push ups?

Strengthening your core is good for everything be it simply just posture.

With press ups you can start doing wall push ups when these become easier do more, then try push ups on kness, then push ups on knees but knees further back working up to f...

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