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If you are looking for a complete body workout, with next to no extra costs save for one piece of equipment, then join me here at Kettle-belles. This is primarily for girls who want to workout with kettlebells but if this is successful and enough people are interested, then we can introduce one for the guys too! I have two great 'mentors' here in the UK who have helped me massively to get started. If you work hard and are determined, the results are amazing to see just within 3 months. I love kettlebells, why don't you drop by and see what it's all about .... :)

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Teresa K Kettle-belles Tribe

Teresa K I have arthritis in my wrists and I bruise very easily, can anyone recommend a wrist guard for use with the kettlebell?


Any wristband should suffice, or check out The World Kettlebell Club, they sell some very durable wristbands ( Kettle guards i believe)

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Robin R Kettle-belles Tribe

it may not be a case of strecth but more a need the strengthen the area as you my have muscle inbalances and weakness , so if you jsut stretch you make the longer longer and the shorter longer but you still have the same inbalance as before. Foam...

T T Kettle-belles Tribe

Contributorsilver T T 26/04
4 Sets 10xSnatches each arm
4 Sets 10xHalos
4 Sets 10xboot strappers.
10 kg

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T T Kettle-belles Tribe

Contributorsilver T T Just a quick question about callises.... mine are getting cut up quite bad from my new cast iron bell, does anyone else have this problem? Is it possible to wrap the handle in some sort of tape? I do use wrist bands around my hands sometimes but i feel i have more control without esp with snatches... Thanks.

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