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Kickboxing Training Room

Place for discussion of all things related to kickboxing training.

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Teresa D Kickboxing Training Room Tribe

Contributorgold Teresa D scary? lol


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Alet H Kickboxing Training Room Tribe

Alet H Hi there, I am 38, mother of two beautiful kids, started kickboxing 3 months ago with my 10 year old son, just to keep fit. Mostly point fighting and continuous fighting. He is really good at it and will be going for nationals in proud of him. Myself on the other hand, definitely fitter then before and quicker in reaction time.....might take me a bit longer, but would love to show what I have been taught with in a few months time..........

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Steve F Kickboxing Training Room Tribe

Contributorbronze Steve F full contact or points ? which do you prefer ?

Nigel G encouraged this.


I like points, I know Kickboxing is a combat sport, but although it is a lifestyle for me I have to work and pay for my daughter. Also I like my job, my car etc. and if I went full-contact I could get injured and wouldn't enjoy it much anyway. Kickboxing is fun for me! It stops being fun if I go home 'black and blue' all the time, that's why I gave up Muay Thai after 2 years of training, I wasn't enjoying it and it was affecting my work! But each to their own, lol.


one of the main reasons i hung up my kickboxing gear . jujutsu the training is taken seriously and is focused on safety at the same time .

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