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krazy kajirae

Welcome to the krazy kajirae Tribe! This tribe is open to any kajirae that want to join us in getting healthier with the support of other kajirae.

There will be constant challenges that will be posted under a sticky thread as well as challenges that will change from time to time that will not be made a sticky. Please join us in completing these challenges.

We ask that you please do not issue your own challenges under the discussions. If you have something you would like to see as a challenge, please post it under the "Questions" section and the Admin girls will do their best to post it as a challenge.

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Evie W krazy kajirae Tribe

Evie W replied to the topic Ongoing challenges

I already do drink a lot of water, I drink bottled water (ice mountain) and have about 6 of them a day in addition to one filled with cranberry juice. I'm not sure how many oz that is. How do ya'll measure that?

Michelle R krazy kajirae Tribe

Communicatorbronze Michelle R created the topic Water challenge

This should be an ongoing challenge, as we need water constantly to maintain our bodies properly. I set forth the challenge that we crazy kajirae should consume 64 oz of water a day... or 8 8oz glasses. Measure out a pitcher of water in the mornin...

Terry G encouraged this.

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