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For everyone following a Leangains Protocol to discuss any aspects of nutrition and training, and share meal plans, workouts ask questions etc.

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T T Leangains Tribe

T T responded to the guide Leangains Principles

This looks very interesting. So a 16 hr fast can be from say after dinner - 8pm until Lunchtime 12pm the following day?? Does anything slow down? I've always thought it was important to have breakfast and eat regularly but from all I've been readi...

Nyah V Leangains Tribe

Nyah V replied to the topic Starting Leangains?


I'm just starting LeanGain, I've been working on my own to achieve a higher level of fitness.  Mostly I hope to gain muscle and lose the extra body fat. Excited to get started and start seeing results!


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Adrian K Leangains Tribe

Communicatorgold Adrian K replied to the topic Starting Leangains?

The key with this program is to fill yourself up during meal times, and with a lot of protein and fresh vegetables. Martin (the man behind Leangains) says a lot of his clients consumed over 100 grams of protein in one meal. Make sure you are e...

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David B Leangains Tribe

Communicatorsilver David B replied to the topic Starting Leangains?

I am the same, I am starving about half an hour after a good sized meal. I used to have my main meal at lunch time and just have soup after a workout for dinner and had no problems. But now I am having two main meals and am starving!!! It has...

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Adrian K Leangains Tribe

Communicatorgold Adrian K replied to the topic Starting Leangains?

protein shakes do break the fast, but if you are lifting weights then it is ok to have half a shake or some BCAA before and after training (if training is outside the eating window).

Helene, it does become much easier as you get used to it, your...

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