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Lets face it, legs are not where many bodybuilders begin when they start training...big mistake! Legs can quickly lag behind and have trouble catching up as chest, arms and delts muscles that have been over- developed begin to sap up most of the nutrients! Well built legs are awesome and set the foundation to excel in all sports, and they look great! Many bodybuilders I have seen had the same characteristics...bulky arms, shoulders and chests, and , well, no legs at all! When I was doing squats (I now do leg presses instead), I reached a max of 345 lbs for 14 reps at a bodyweight of 152. However, I did mostly high rep squats, sometimes going as high as 110 reps with 135 lbs for a super burn! I would follow this with a bike ride to add more pump, then return to my gym to do leg curls, calf work and lunges.I seldom train legs more than once a week to allow for maximum recovery. and during running season, I do no leg work at all due to the work they get running and sprinting and biking , stepper, treadmill, etc. I have never had a knee injury in training, this due to long periods of warm ups and stretching. In a world of chest and arm development (I have neither heheh), I am a huge fan of leg work! Although my legs are short, it didn't stop me from trying to reach beyond my limitations that nature put upon me! Rock on! If you are fan of legs and leg work as priority weight training, come and join me and tell all about your routines! Rock on!

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Bob K Legs Tribe

Victoria sounds good and was thinking about the wall squats as an old karate instructor I had credited the first time I did this years back to my wall squats that kept me from snapping it from the kick I did that cau...

Bob K Legs Tribe

Does anyone know of any good exercises they have used that can provide more strength and support for the knees? I injured a knee years back in martial arts and as I am getting older would like to do extra work to help strengthen it. Thanks!

Adam F Legs Tribe

Contributorsilver Adam F I love wall squats! Nailed 5 minutes today. Working up to 10 minutes now. That white hot burn is awesome!

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