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Aziz . LET'S RUN Tribe

Contributorgold Aziz . Any body knows that ?


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Ptan;8} * LET'S RUN Tribe

Communicatorsilver Ptan;8} * replied to the topic How much is too much

Hi Jeff, I used to be a similar case. I started running, I ran almost everyday & only Tuesday was a break to due Family day. Now, I trained about 3 to 4 times - 18 km to 35 km per run, due to many races that I have taken & I found that I need to h...

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Jeff S LET'S RUN Tribe

Communicatorbronze Jeff S created the topic How much is too much

When I first started running over a year ago I was running 4-5 times a week. I was told by a friend that this was too much and to cut it back to 3 days a week. The last two weeks I stepped it back up to 4. How many days do you train and how muc...

Elisa Y LET'S RUN Tribe

Elisa Y answered the question levels

I'm a newbie or so, only been doing it properly for past 18 months and it's a hobby rather than anything competitive. I enjoy running around about the 10k mark at a comfortable pace. Good luck Lynne!

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