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Lifestyle Jugglers

This is a Tribe for everyone who has to juggle work, family, friends and sport!
Whether you're a full-time mum, a slave to the City, a social butterfly, professional sportsman, ultra marathon runner (or all of these at once) it's all about balance - how do you manage it?

World number 1 tennis player Djokovich says:
"This is an individual sport so right now I do take the credit for this award and the trophies but actually the people behind the scenes, my family, my team are the ones who should have the same credit as I have because they really supported me, they made my life easier on the court. They allowed me to development myself, to develop my character and they cared about me and my career. They gave me the unconditional love that I still feel gives me wings everyday."

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Helen T Lifestyle Jugglers Tribe

Communicatorgold Helen T replied to the topic Out of sync

I'm naturally an early morning exerciser, my new job has me mostly working evenings - I crawl home, shower and bed, sometimes asleep within half an hour of finishing work. It's an active job and taken me a while to adapt, but I'm now starting to g...

Stephanie M Lifestyle Jugglers Tribe

Communicatorbronze Stephanie M replied to the topic Out of sync

So, maybe you're an evening exerciser like I was. However, when I realized the only way I'd regularly do anything was in the morning, I forced myself. Now, I gotta say I love it. I get up early and get it out of the way first thing. I have more en...

Eoin O Lifestyle Jugglers Tribe

Communicatorsilver Eoin O replied to the topic Out of sync

Sometimes I have to wait for my OH to come home from work (after 9pm) before I can get a run in. So it's 11pm ish by the time I'm getting to bed. Then I may be up again at 5:30am to get to the gym, or get the next day's run in.

If you have short...

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