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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf, Lone Ranger, Han Solo, Pale Rider, Billy No Mates. No matter what your particular circumstances, If you like going solo, train alone out of desire or necessity and like the solitude of your own company while doing-your-thing. Or simply have to go it alone because no one you know can actually keep up with your life style, this is the place for you, to share your adventures or vent your frustration

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Bob K Lone Wolf Tribe

Unfortunately do not have a workout partner so I work out alone. Tough when some of the training require the need for a partner to work with martial arts pads, so have to work around it with heavy bags etc. Any running never works because paces ne...

Chris F Lone Wolf Tribe

Sports-iqgold Chris F answered the question Training tips

I always tell them that if it's results they want, training solo is the way to go. First of all your training buddy may not have the same fitness goals. It is highly unlikely that two people have the same physcial n...

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19th November 2012


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