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Losing your running mojo?

I've recently started feeling a bit burnt out when it comes to running. I used to run at least 3-4 times a week, now I manage to go out for a run once a week. It's not that I'm tired or don't like run it (I LOVE IT), but I find it really taxing to put the running shoes on and get out there and run. I can imagine that this happens to quite a few people at some point in their "running career". So, I thought it might be helpful to create a tribe where similarly affected people shared ideas how to get out of this unpleasant phase and where the "survivors" could share their tips on how to fight and beat these running blues.

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Ptan;8} * Losing your running mojo? Tribe

Contributorgold Ptan;8} * u're almost hitting wall.. as a runner u should aware of this. take a short break & have a kit kat! a break will do u good.. rejuvenate with a short trip/tour & come back to fight again.. I often break away 3 to 5 days or even longer & come back with a marvelous fighting spirit that you will never know!

after coming back, start with small distance 1st & follow by your desire routine..


Mental hurdles can be the hardest to overcome Tatiana, be kind to yourself, lower expectations maybe and it will take that one amazing run that will pop out of nowhere to get your confidence back up, good luck!

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total agreement with Bridget ;8} u are expecting about yourself much of getting things done & forget of what contains in you is just a soul within a human body ;8} Not all the pre-detemined or expected results will come true in race & u haven't gotten yourself a rest & a relax mind. me too came across messing up a good & easy race by over-confidence by overloading with anxiety ;8}

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2nd August 2013


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