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MAF Runners

Train your heart using the 180 formula to calculate your MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function).

Essentially, your MAF is calculated by 180-(Your Age).... Then this is the Heart Rate that you should train to... This will (in nearly All case) force you to run SLOWER .. A LOT SLOWER. Then as your Heart Fitness improved, so will your pace for the same Heart Rate .... Simples

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Kirsten M MAF Runners Tribe

Contributorgold Kirsten M So got the Garmin and up and running, two runs so far
Run 1 Avg HR 162bpm, Max HR 185bpm
Run 2 Avg HR160bpm, Max HR 189bpm
So taking my age of 180 leaves me looking for an HR of 140bpm as it says above definitely need to slow it down!!


I am going to be back at it tonight. Not sure how my 134bpm will go. Thinking I will be slowwwww:)

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Kristin B MAF Runners Tribe

Hi all! Kristin here and I am new to TS, as well as to the Maffetone approach. Started running late last year and I am definitely a work in progress when it comes to running. I was turned onto Maffetone by a G+ friend who is going 100% MAF and hav...

Tony G MAF Runners Tribe

Me, been about a month now and getting into the swing of it (I think).

MAF training is going much better now... I can maintain my HR at around 135 (+/- 5) - but my running pace is slow 07:45ish per Km ... But I think that's O.K (??).

I'm goi...

Tony G MAF Runners Tribe

Hi.. I'm Tony and I'm..... I'm a would-be MAF runner. I'm 55 and so my MAF is 125b.p.m and I'm finding it jolly hard to keep my Heart Rate that low when I'm running..... I've only been MAF'ing for a week, so it's early days and I'm detyermined to...

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