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Daniel H Medical Corner  Tribe

Contributorgold Daniel H Has anyone ever had vascular vein?? [enlarged/pronounced veins] I have got it a bit in my ankle. Only kinda happened recently, I guess cause been going extra hard with sport and have got very low bf. did a bit of research and went to the dr to try and get a free referral for treatment, but it's not urgent enough. It's more an aesthetic thing than anything - I guess I looks kinda cool but there could be long term effects.

Has anyone ever had problems from vascular vein?

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yes, i had quite prominent ones in my legs..they ached sometimes x i was referred to have them injected with a scltherofoam?? (something like that!) it eventually dissolves the vein - this was a couple of years ago x now you can't see them at all. i believe alternatively you can have the veins pulled out (stripped) good luck with it! x

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eeek stripping them does not sound good!! It only really goes up the calf to back of my knee, about 3 quite large veins on each leg, and they're not painful so I guess that's good? I'll monitor it and go back if they get painful. Thanks for your response and advice!! :D

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