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Midnight Runners

C'mon fellow runners after dark and join me! I've been running in the streets, fields, sidewalks and trails for most of my life after dark! Less traffic, less people (more mskeeters haha) , not as hot outside, quieter. There are, drunk drivers after the bars close, lights from the cars blinding you, holes in the streets, rocks and sticks and creepy crawlers in the trails and fields, and lack of light to see what's ahead. It's the only way for me...but I have fallen and twisted my ankles dozens of times, so each run is scary... My biggest mishap was tripping over something in the road, as I was flying downhill going for an all out mile ankle, knee and hip buckled and I was injured badly....wasn't able to run for a month! It was a dead squirrel in the road I tripped on...YIKES!! Welcome to my world!

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Nocturnal R Midnight Runners Tribe

Hello.  As my nickname implies - I like to run at night partly because it is cooler but mostly I have difficulty waking up early in the morning :-).  I do the midnight numbers once in a while - usually on a Friday or Staurday night when I have soc...

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7th September 2012



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