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Milk Lovers

This tribe is for people who love milk to the insanity. I created this tribe as the sister tribe of Egg Lovers tribe. Milk is one of the highly nutritious food product available to us. The interesting thing is, even if somebody does not consume milk directly, he/she can get benefited by taking other forms of milk (yogurt, cheese etc).

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Ratnesh V Milk Lovers Tribe

Sports-iqsilver Ratnesh V answered the question Quantity?

One more thing.. For all Vegetarians (like me and Anushri I believe you too) Milk and Pulses are the only products from which we can get sufficient protein. So Milk is important for us to build/ tone up muscles.

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Adrian K Milk Lovers Tribe

Sports-iqgold Adrian K answered the question Quantity?

I used to have loads of it like Sonu mentioned, spread out over the day. Not 4.8 every day but usually at least 2 litres when I was training hard and trying to fuel my weightlifting. I have been cutting up for sum...

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Tribe creator

Sonu K

created the tribe

21st August 2012



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