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Mindfulness Meditation

From the Book - Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Think of yourself as a mountain.
Try setting aside a time everyday for just being. Start with 5 minutes. Sit down and watch the moments unfold, with no agenda other than to be fully present. Use the breath as an anchor to tether your thoughts to the present moment. Your thinking mind will drift here and there, depending on the currents and winds moving in the mind, until at some point, the anchorline grows taut and brings you back. This will happen alot. Bring your attention back to the breath, every time the mind wanders. Think of yourself as a mountain.

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Chris F Mindfulness Meditation Tribe

There is such thing as a 'moving mediation'. Yoga is considered a moving meditation and there are also 'walking meditations' but the regards with the breath control in both are quite specific. I suppose the word '...

Kristin B Mindfulness Meditation Tribe

Interesting conversation. I see what you are talking about Brad. I think you can practice mindfulness while outdoors doing activities. You can be fully present in the moment of the activity and I would think that thi...

Kevin G Mindfulness Meditation Tribe

Running or cycling outdoors needs total awareness for safety purposes, therefore meditation which is includes emptying your mind of all thoughts and inner reflection / breathing wouldn't be recommended. Whilst safer...

Brad N Mindfulness Meditation Tribe

Hmm I think that there are two different phenomena being talked about within your question and both tend to have some overlap, or at least argument around the exact nature of their defining features! You seem to b...

Kristin B Mindfulness Meditation Tribe

Not silly at all. I meditate while running, walking and strength training. Stength training is a true meditation for me. Check out stuff by Thich Nhat Hanh. Here is an article I found for you. I have several of his...

Dave W Mindfulness Meditation Tribe

I hope this isn't too silly a question, but I considered the possibility of meditating whilst cycling, slipping into "the zone" whilst pedaling. Is it possible to meditate during a 1000 rep crunch challenge? Could a runner "drift" into a mindfulln...

Justin M Mindfulness Meditation Tribe

Hi, I don't usually actively meditate but when I run I see it as my meditation. I love to clear my mind and focus on breathing. I don't know if this can be considered meditation but I find it relaxing and it allows an escape from any stress. I fin...

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