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Motivating Community to Physical Activity

Motivating others to physical activity is challenging but very rewarding. There are many approaches to getting individuals, families and whole communities into activity. This tribe is a place to share initiatives and ideas you are personally involved in, are happening within your community or even country. Join in, ask questions share and enjoy the opportunity for global discussion.

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Callie C Motivating Community to Physical Activity Tribe

Totally agree with leading by example! One of the projects we have been doing around cycling is purchasing 20 community bikes. Community is rural and bikes aren't that common, but they can be accesses by community, marae, local school and already...

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Joanna  R Motivating Community to Physical Activity Tribe

lead by example - I have run endlessly all over Lenox for the past 6 months - first people stared, then they started asking questions, and today I saw 3 people I know running.  They were not runners, I can only hope my example was a little bit of...

Sonu K Motivating Community to Physical Activity Tribe

Hey everybody,

"Action speaks louder than words."

Most of the time I have used the transformation in my body over past few months to attrat people for physical activities. Besides, I read a lot of scietific articles and bring this to the notice...

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Callie C Motivating Community to Physical Activity Tribe

Hi Im Callie, and part of my passion is getting individuals, whanau(family) and communities active, eat healthy food and encourage a healthy lifestyle. have been invovoed in a number of communty initiatives especially around Maori health and would...

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