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Motivation Nation!

Motivation is the key to succeeding in anything you take on! lets join together and create a tribe of unstoppable motivation!!!!!!!! you pick it up you put it down!!! You go hard and learn the difference between exhaustion and giving up. Motivation runs wild when 1 or more people are thriving and striving towards the same goals and dedications!!! Its go time are you ready to motivate?!?! do you have what it takes?!?!?!

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Dave W Motivation Nation! Tribe

Contributorgold Dave W It's been an extremely difficult and unsettled week, which sadly started with the Funeral of my Granddad and then a mixed few days leading up to today, when I was headhunted for a new job, more responsibility, more money and a new car. Life is a strange and bewildering "thing", but only 1 thing is SURE; bad days make good days better and you don't fully appreciate good luck without a dose of bad luck !! When darker days arrive, be strong and look forward to the sunshine - it always comes. BE POSITIVE 'cos negativity is a waste of energy !!!!! ;-)

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14th September 2012



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