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Motivation work-out Music

Post all your training music here to motivate others!
With music to motivate we all step up !
With music we will all get to our goals!
So share! motivate! and work-out!

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Kevin G Motivation work-out Music Tribe

Contributorgold Kevin G Eye of the Tiger, Rocky, anything by Queen, Status Quo or Meatloaf.
I know, stuck in a time warp somewhere lol


sometimes the old ones are the best! thanks for the post:)

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Loretta A Motivation work-out Music Tribe

Contributorgold Loretta A Same as Kevin, I run, cycle, walk and swim without music as it helps me to focus on my breathing and clears my mind but I like to listen to music in the gym.


yeah i know:) everybody has their focus moment and music moment i guess;) i have already listed some! if you have some feel free to post it!

Eunice Y and Loretta A encouraged this.

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