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All my life I trained close to Mother nature and moving naturally.

This tribe is for people that want to learn how to explore the world around them, moving naturally, training in a training playground called the earth, rediscovering and optimizing instinctual movement patterns, respecting the nature.

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Kevin G MovNat Tribe

I love exploring the great outdoors, where I live or any new area I have never seen before, it is both liberating and exhilarating. I live in England, so would waste half my life waiting for nice weather. i do use gyms, but running outdoors is my...

Scott W MovNat Tribe

Hi all

Im moving to a new house out of the town, with the Pentland hills a short hop away in one direction and Roslin glen a short hop in the other, the thought of getting out in a more primitive training enviroment is more appealing than the gym...

Mark  ॐ MovNat Tribe

Perfect tribe !!  I love everything outdoors , my training is rock , river , run !!!!  the minute I step inside there is a ceiling both physically and mentally , it suppresses me , I hate it  !!! the only ceiling I want over me is blue !!  well ma...

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Tribe creator

Nikos G

created the tribe

7th May 2011



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