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My first...

If you are one of those people that has been working out for a while, you know that how routines can become boring. You simply don't enjoy it as much as you did. That can make the work out experience less pleasant and even some of us will give it up, regretting later why did that happen. This tribe is about acknowledging, talking and training for new exercises, faster pace or further distances, new poses,...basically any new training target that makes your blood get pumped faster :P Recommended to post pictures if it's possible. It's motivational to others.

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Ramesh R My first...  Tribe

I want to bulk up to 75kg.So far,the furthest o have gone is 69kg.My problem will be the eating part.I cant hit my caloric surplus.But gotta keep trying.Body seems turning out nice and lean though.And of course,more leg days.A nice upper body is s...

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Danyka P My first...  Tribe

I would like to gain muscle and make that fat melt.  My body looks better then 6 months ago since I'm back with TS, so I continue on this sucessful path. :-))

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29th June 2014



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