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My goals for 2013 are

Be a real winner in 2013. Set your goals for the year and share them with your fellow tribe members.
Post a photo of how you look now and list your objectives for the year ahead.
Make at least one specific goal. ie I now run 10k in 1hr 13mins my goal is to do it in 0hrs 55mins.
Make it realistic and use this post to check you progress throughout the year.
Don't forget to share your progress with us

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Sarah V My goals for 2013 are Tribe

Wow this is so great! :) I'm in awe with what you did.

For my part, it's going better and better. I've been running faster and longer, and didn't give up (which was my fear) even when snowing. I'm eating better, feeling better.

The only problem...

Jessica L My goals for 2013 are Tribe

Contributorgold Jessica L My goals for 2013 are to be in the best shape of my life. I want to run longer for endurance. I also want to push myself even when I am not feeling motivated. I am committing to a workout schedule and not making excuses!

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I also feel the best if I can push myself to workout when I'm not motivated. Make its well worth. May not seem like it at the time when I cursing my way through the whole workout, but feel great afterward. 100% confident in you that you'll nail these goals!!

Jessica L encouraged this.


Thank you so much for your kind words :) Hey it doesn't matter what we say to ourselves to get through our workouts! We just have to get through them and Don't Give up !! :)

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Rita P My goals for 2013 are Tribe

Let's see...I have a ton of goals, so I'm just going to list the ones I plan to track on this site. :)

  1. Be able to do 50 pushups without breaking--currently able to do about 27
  2. Complete 30 active challenges on TS a month
  3. Revamp my schedule to be...
Madiantin . My goals for 2013 are Tribe

Fitness wise, my main goal is to get over my running injuries.  I took 2 months off to rest after a DNF because of ITB pain on my first 50k. That wasn't much fun. =(  I just started back very slowly using the C25K programme...and after 2 days my h...

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