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Natural and Home Remedies

Have you been looking for natural remedies for sport injury, recovery and health, rather than processed pills and drugs? So do I. Join this Tribe, share your recipe and find out what others have. Lets build a database of natural remedies from our grandmothers, from different parts of the world and grow strong and healthy together.

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Loretta A Natural and Home Remedies Tribe

These are a few of my staples: • 1 avocado - 10 grams • 1 cup broccoli - 5 grams • 1 cup spinach - 5 grams • 2 cups cooked kale - 5 grams • 1 cup boiled peas - 9 grams • 1 cup cooked sweet potato - 5 grams • 1 cup lentils - 18 grams • 1 cup chick...

Dave W Natural and Home Remedies Tribe

I'm not vegetarian, but I do like to add chickpeas to salads and cous cous for extra protein and also add mixed beans to soups for the same reason. Although most of my protein comes from meat and dairy, I beleive that a good range of protein sourc...

Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G Natural and Home Remedies Tribe

Contributorgold Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G I drink 2 tablespoons of organic ACV with honey and some warm water. I used to drink it after my main workout of the day, but since I have had to start dividing my workouts up into 2-3 sessions a day, I drink it in the evening. I drink it every day, even on the rare days I don't get a workout in, and I have noticed that my skin looks better. I don't drink it to lose weight, but to detox after a workout & to flush out preservatives and toxins. I love it! What is the main reason you drink ACV & what is your favorite way to drink it?

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Steve M Natural and Home Remedies Tribe

Contributorgold Steve M I drink two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs) three times a day. It assists with weight loss. I hate the taste and love the result.


I need to bite the bullet and just do it. I got this big jar and I'm doing nothing with it! Thanks Steve!

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Tia, it is good for you inside you... The big jar is a paper weight. Have a great week, friend.

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I have heard a lot of positive about this. Met a woman who was 93 and who has drank it everyday for most of her life and I could not believe she was that age. She looked a lot younger and got around really well. She swears by it.

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