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Newton Shoe Lovers!

For those who have discovered the joy of The Newton Shoe and are committed to improving their running technique.

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Jane H Newton Shoe Lovers! Tribe

Contributorgold Jane H I am so excited, I have just ordered my first pair of Newtons 2012 model of the neutral Distance.

William B and Barry Y encouraged this.


I will let you know how these go Karen, they are minimalist, light weight

Karen L encouraged this.


Thank you - I'd be very interested. I did have a look at them - with my sunglasses on (lol !!). They look/sound great

Jane H encouraged this.


Hmm, I would have preferred the pink pair, but not in my size!

Karen L encouraged this.

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Jane H Newton Shoe Lovers! Tribe

 I am seriously thinking about ordering a pair of Newtons, should I buy the gravity or distance? I want to wear them in a marathon in October. What about sizing, are they true to size, do you order 1/2 size bigge?! I have found an Australian websi...

Tamara A Newton Shoe Lovers! Tribe

I find it hard to believe that are but 6 of us currently running with Newtons, if this is is a tragedy! I realize that this shoe is not for everybody...however, a "heal striker" would definitely remedy the "heal striking"with these shoes...

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Tamara A

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27th February 2013



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