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Something Silly

Question • 14 answers

So - yesterday I went for my morning run. It's dark at 5:30. I smelled a person smoking. I thought to myself, what is a person doing out at this time smoking??? Then I encountered the person, they were walking at a very leasurly pace. I got nervous. I run l...

Newest answer

I try the same, but sometimes the road is narrow and I have no choice, have to cross by strange people.


what do you carry with you?

Question • 12 answers

What do you carry with you when you run? I have a wand type flash light that has a blow stick on one end a can of pepper spray and my mp3 player.

Newest answer

Android phone in pocket, acts as my run tracker using endomondo, and my MP3 player. As its getting cold I invested in a running jacket with reflective stripes and day glow yellow patches. Most of my running gear is bright as most of my running is in the eve...


How to get a better running time?

Question • 1 answer

How to get a better running time? I am being cross training with walking.  I warth up for ten mins then a min all out running then a min walking then running then walking and i do this for 3-4 miles x3 per week.

Newest answer

For years I believed the only way to improve as a distance runner was to run faster, maybe longer, or some combination of both. I’ve sat back and watched the world’s elite runners spend an entire year of unimaginable high volume, high intensityshave Fortun...


What's the best night run you've done?

Question • 6 answers

I had a run last summer that went up the valley from the village I lived in and back back through trails in the mountainside, 11 miles in total, through little mountain villages. It was about quater moon so I had my head torch on but it was a totally clear...

Newest answer

Through the park just beforeHalloween two years ago, Full moon, clear sky, frosty trees and I had spooky pop music on my iPod. Quite nice and memorable. 


Do you use a head torch and if so which one?

Question • 3 answers

I have Tikka that is lightweight and has great light but in all honesty, if there's even the slightest bit of moon I prefer to run in the ambient light.

Newest answer

I use a Petzel.  I don't use it to increase my vision, I use it to increase my visibility.  I live out in the country, but it's all farm land, no trails.  So I have to run on roads, be they paved or gravel, or dirt, or otherwise, they are made for vehicles...


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