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No Excuses

Want to join the "Get Healthy" trend?... begin with nutrition and clean eating... from there we'll move forward in developing our strength... set some goals.... 5K, 10K, small mud runs/obtacle course, 20mile bike trips.... and move on to 1/2 marathon, MS150 bike-a-thon, triathalon, etc.
You make your own goals, sign up for your own races and choose your own style of clean eating... we'll share some of our clean eating suggestions (and hope you do the same) and how we are going with our training, some exercise and workout suggestions... and encouragement.

Our goal is to be strong and healthy! ...Walk and not be weary, run and not faint... and in doing so... find an increase of joy in our life! :D

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Donald W No Excuses Tribe

I Work on a farm so everything in my environment becomes a workout tool.Rafters become pull up bars,floor is for planks pushups sprints and anything else I can come up with.buckets for dead lifts or the farmers walk...

Donald W No Excuses Tribe

Bodyweight exercise Is how I overcame the I don't have time excuse.i never had time to go to the gym because I was at work for 12 to 13 hours a day.So I started doing exercises that could be done anywhere and it worke...

Alan A No Excuses Tribe

Most people with plenty of spare time engage in no exercise whatsoever. It's difficult to combine work/school/family/recreation/exercise/relaxation/sleep and more, so something will always be shortchanged. Don't k...

Rick F No Excuses Tribe

The best advice i was given was to treat exercise like going to work, or school. Those elements are part of our lifestyle, and so should spending some time working out. The biggest misconception is that we need to sp...

Rick F No Excuses Tribe

Contributorsilver Rick F That 'Ah ha' moment when i realized I had no excuse...

5 years ago my neighbour, a landscaper. Suffers from crones disease and as a result is in chronic muscle pain, has 25 years on me - still goes to the gym 5 days a week.

Even today, this is my #NoExcuse

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Amelie M No Excuses Tribe

Every time I said to myself ''I don't have time to do it'', I reminded myself I am the one deciding how to spend my time, no one else. If I have time to do something else like read a book, I definitely have ten minut...

Kevin G No Excuses Tribe

Hi i am Kevin, been running for 2 years and since joing TRibesports have expanded sports to include swimming, cycling and tennis. Ran a marathon, ran 25 half marathons, ran the PAris HM in March 2014. Qualified as Leader in RUnning  Fitness and de...

Tijana N No Excuses Tribe

Contributorsilver Tijana N Hello everyone! :) I love being active. I'm setting goals in running, and i'm starting to love it, it's become part of me. But my problem is that i'm always finding excuses to avoid workout, and now i need to work on it. Thanks for the welcome, i'm glad to be part of this. :)

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I have been running for 3 months now , and every time I plan to run, I tend to find excuses. I have a problem with the first 10 minutes, I love the feeling after finishing though A good thing I did is registering for a race, this way I have to run. join us at < 5K Runners so we can share training and motivations.

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Me too, i run 2 times a week for about 30min, and the first half is very hard, but when i finish it all, it feels like heaven. :)

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Kelly H No Excuses Tribe

Kelly H Hello No Excuses Tribe! I'm so excited to have joined this tribe! I run a fitness company and my biggest obstacle is dealing with my clients excuses. Thanks for the welcoming Carol B :-).

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Let me know what you think about the WOD's


I hear them all the time too! Too busy, no support, the weather....etc.

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Tina S No Excuses Tribe

Contributorbronze Tina S Ok everyone at No Exuses...I really need support! I don't know what my problem is but I've had no drive lately! I have been busy yes, but not so much that I can't run, I've had no planning or structure in my life lately & eating all of the wrong things. I've gained 8 lbs. back as a result & I refuse to gain anymore! My birthday is April 7 th. & I'll be 45!!! My goal is to run a marathon this year & to run my first Ultra Marathon in 2 yrs. I promise to run today, start eating right today & making a plan for each day and stick to it starting today! I'm so proud of everyone that's here to make a great difference in their life by choosing to take good care of their bodies! God bless you all!


You sound like me ;P So here is what I'm doing... sign up for a 5K for next weekend... now you HAVE to train! GO TINA GO!

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Lijah  N No Excuses Tribe

Lijah N Hellooo, my name is Lijah. I joined this tribe 'cause i like what it stands for. No friggin' excuses ;) unless i'm catching something that keeps me in bed (now i'm talking about sickness, yes) i'm always trying to do something active everyday & eating the right food for my body & soul!

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Carol B - Not what I know of :O what is that? Tina S - So do you! :D

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Lijah... WOD = workout of the day... look in the discussion section :)

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