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This tribe is dedicated to all non-smokers and those who want to say "STOP" cigars and choose a healthier life. This tribe, and always waiting with open arms if you really want!
Be a part of healthy people who want to help, do not you run away from them!

Choose Life!

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Pamela C NO SMOKING tribe Tribe

Contributorbronze Pamela C I haven't been around for awhile, I've quit smoking, I've failed. I've quit again.....It's been a little over 3 months since I have had a cigarette. I am however using a e-cig. When I feel I have this non smoking thing under my belt I'm going to give up the e-cig....

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Same here working on the whole getting away from the actual cigarette AGAIN but I am finding when I get in the frame I of reference I want to quit, my smoking gets worse before it gets better. We will get there!

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Brenda F NO SMOKING tribe Tribe

Contributorsilver Brenda F Congratulations to everyone who has given up or is in the process. I have never smoked due to having two parents that did.

As a kid, it scared me because I thought my parents were going to die early from smoking. As I got older, I got angry because they smoked in front of me (in the car, at the dinner table etc), because it was" their house". I watched my father die in hospital due to smoking related issues. My mother-in-law (in denial) nearly died a year ago with pneumonia complicated by emphysema, COPD or COAD.

Now my mother is in hospital after having numerous strokes and aneurysm. Previously she has had vascular issues requiring arteries cleaned out on two occasions and dangerously close to having a toe amputated. As a smoker she denies that these have anything to do with smoking. Yet it has taken this last hospital admission with the strokes to force her to stop. She now hasn't got a lot of time left.

Smoking addiction destroyed our family unit in many ways, just like other addictions. There are many diseases not just lung cancer that smokers are more susceptible to. My reason for writing this - is DON'T GIVE UP. Do it for yourself, do it for your partner or kids.

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Jason W NO SMOKING tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Jason W Today is my last with cigarettes. Tomorrow, 1 Nov 13, I transition to 100% e-cig. On 1 Dec 13, I will stop all nicotine intake. I'm doing this because I need to be healthier and I don't want my daughter seeing me smoke and thinking that it's ok.


You're welcome! You are doing a great job!! =)) Awesome! =D


So 1 Dec 13 was my last day of smoking. I'm on Day 3 now and going strong! No tobacco, no nicotine, no dependence on poisonous chemicals!

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Woohoo!!! That's wonderful!!! =)))

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Nemanja I NO SMOKING tribe Tribe

Nemanja I as from this moment no more smoking....hope to quit permanently


1 step foreword 2 steps backword :( its harder then i thot it was...

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Tiago N NO SMOKING tribe Tribe

Today is my sixth day without a cigarette. I quit smoking for my mother's birthday, I decided to quit as a gift for her. Actually, I needed a special day to turn my decision into something more meaningful, like a new year's resolution. At this mom...

Jovana M NO SMOKING tribe Tribe

Contributorsilver Jovana M Smoke free 3 years!

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Cathy H NO SMOKING tribe Tribe

Contributorbronze Cathy H I have been smoke free for 5 months and just backslid recently. Trying to get back on track with it. I have found the more I exercise the less I want them.

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I do not crave nicotien when I am running. Its just so cold here at the moment, that I don't feel like running.

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