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No super power? How about super body?

A tribe for those of you who want to have the body of a super hero. Maybe you've always wanted superpowers, but have to admit that you don't have them, or the spare billion dollars needed to build a suit that can give them to you. Time for us to settle for the second best thing, the body of a super hero.

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Graham H No super power? How about super body? Tribe

Contributorgold Graham H i believe you only as old as you want to be ( health permitting ) at 47 this year i have taken up MMA and Parkour Freerunning and they push me but make me feel superhuman, well in the company of superhumans, my parkour instructor is Sebastien Foucan the guy from the opening sequence of Casino Royale and he is just so light and bouncy its unreal, i am aiming for a functionally strong and ripped body so at 50 i am fitter than i was at 20, so far ... well i am getting there

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