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No To Supplements! Yes To What's Natural!

Beginner or Expert, it's all about what we eat and the 'need.'
Our body is 70-80% dependent to what we eat.

It takes discipline having your cravings at bay, and it'll be a lifetime change.
The secret in having such good body is first to know what we are eating, what we are taking, and what our body needs. We don't need credit cards or more money just for supplements, and yes, it's effective yet it damages your kidney and liver and you'll have complications later on or health issues. All we need is all of the info about foods and fruits, have that OCD of looking at the Nutritional Fact in each food/fruit and you're on right track of what your body needs.

When it comes to taking more protein:
- As always, the number one complete source of protein and BCAA's. The Egg.
- Chicken, it should be skinless. How to cook: Grilled or pan-grilled, roasted or baked.
- No to pork.
- Beef, it should be 80-95% Lean. How to cook: Grilled or pan-grilled, roasted or baked.
Limit your intake in beef.
- Fish, make sure where it came from to avoid those with mercury or copper. How to cook: Grilled or
pan-grilled, steamed, baked.
(fats in fish? it's very healthy)
*Fish and Nuts offers healthy good fats.

- Yes. We need it the most as antioxidants and it's benefits. Make sure to add Spinach on your
omelet. 5 servings and more.

- 1cup of White rice or Brown rice per meal.

- Of course, all are healthy.
- Bananas helps you burn fat and helps you suppress hunger and helps you feel satiated.
- 5 servings or more.

- Coconut Bread made with Coconut flour. It is the highest fiber of all the flours and much healthier.

6 Mini Meal Plan Per Day - Faster fat burn, Faster muscle gain and Faster & Effective Nutrients Absorption.

Avoid eating something fried in oil. If you want to cook something without oil, use a non-stick frying pan (the trusted brand that uses teflon, or to be safe use GreenPan or Yoshiblue), pan-grill any beef, fish and chicken. Or steam your fish, or make soups with fish or chicken.

After workout, you should eat something high in protein.

Eliminate refined sugar in your diet. Take only what's natural and pure such as honey or coco sugar.

After intense workout, and wanting to take a bath, go for Cold and Warm Therapy - alternating bathing of cold and warm water on your body to help circulate the blood in your body, it helps produce oxygen on your muscle.

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