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Never been a drinker? Want to quit? Or just take a break for a few months this tribe is for you.... I personally have been a "party guy" my whole life until September 2012 when I just completely stopped drinking alcohol. I LOVE it actually and it has been a fun change in my life as well. Plus I lost about ten pounds in a week and lost my belly over the last several months. OH and the money you save from not drinking is AMAZING.... great side effect I had'nt considered. :)
I have had a few beers since then BUT honestly for me NONE is better... It now makes me feel sleepy, sluggish and it's kind of just a waste of time. BUT, that being said I did have some crazy and fun alcohol induced times and one of my favorite movies is "Hangover". So please feel free to share all your different alcohol and non-alcohol experiences with other members. Cheers

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Contributorgold Jenny W Used to be a student/drinker, had some good nights drinking but since having kids and getting older I drank on less and less occasions then gave up when trying for baby no 2, haven't had a drop since and frankly I don't miss it. If alcohol was wiped off the face of the earth it wouldn't bother me at all.

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Contributorbronze Brittney S Hi all! I wouldn't consider myself a heavy drinker but when an opportunity presents itself I have a hard time saying no when it comes to drinking. This year I've started taking my weight loss and new lifestyle seriously. It's easy while I'm home for the summer but I know once I go back up to college things are going to be difficult turning down a new beer or making that new alcoholic recipe. I know that alcohol and a healthy lifestyle clash like none other but I think if I can start with learning to control my urges to drink then that's a good start!! What are some ways that have helped you guys??

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Contributorsilver Chris T Everyone welcome Karolina to the Non drinking Tribe.... It,s very nice to have a pretty young lady in here. It was becoming a complete weenie roast. :)

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