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Oh, my aching muscles.

Are some of your challenges leaving you with tired or sore muscles? Pop by here to share your tips and tricks on how to relax or soothe your body aches. It happens to all of us, no matter the sport or how hard or soft we're going. Let's deal with it together here! .

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Cheryl L Oh, my aching muscles. Tribe

Contributorbronze Cheryl L Nita, thanks for the tip. I don't know where to get licorice powder and I doubt that licorice that I powder myself would work. But I'm going to find some. It even sounds like it would taste good.

Sherry, I just started exercising on April 1st. At first I hurt quite a bit but I kept up the same routine and got my muscles used to that before adding any extra things I got used to it pretty quickly. Then I started adding extra time to my cardio or extra weights on my legs and arms and would get used to that before adding anything else, that it helped. In other words, I started slow and only when I got used to that and my muscles felt better I added more. Sorry I don't have any other tips that would provide help for aches and pains.

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Nita K Oh, my aching muscles. Tribe

Contributorgold Nita K A miracle drink...I take 1/4 teaspoon each of Licorice powder and Cinnamon powder in a glass of water first thing in the avoid/ prevent muscle pain... try it and see the difference within a week...It is good for the heart too...


Thanks Sherry... Cinnamon is good for the heart too specially for runners...If you take it regularly for a month and then leave it for one week and then restart it... It will work wonders for you..

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