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Open Water Swimmers

It's time to get back to the joy of swimming under an open sky. Water needs no roof! Swimmers have too long been held in chlorinated captivity!

This Tribe is for anyone that thinks swimming is best done when they are not only submerged in water, but when they are immersed in nature. For anyone that embraces the rejuvenating effects of cold water and who undertakes to strip and dip wherever they can.

And yes - everyone else thinks we are crazy!

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Jeffrey S Open Water Swimmers Tribe

Contributorgold Jeffrey S I have been swimming indoors almost 5 days or more a week since June 2013. I usually swim 1 mile non-stop. My biggest accomplishment so far is that I swam 2 miles per day without stopping for 31 days straight. I have swum as much as three miles without stopping. However, I found it very boring in the pool.
I have never open water swam before. I would like to try to enter some lake challenges this summer. Advise will be greatly appreciated!

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Ingrid R Open Water Swimmers Tribe

Contributorgold Ingrid R Why can't I delete my post? I thought It was a discussion to introduce yourself to the tribe, and now I feel like my post is intruding in a discussion about how to train for an outdoor swim....

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Cloda R Open Water Swimmers Tribe

Contributorsilver Cloda R I have just started open water swimming and love it.. swimming about 1k, twice a week.. aiming to push it a bit further each time..


can now say doing 1.5k twice a week, water is warmer, but at the moment we are experiencing big swells and very high tides.. but because of the warm weather the dolphins are playing a few 100m away :-)

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Jessica B Open Water Swimmers Tribe

I am currently training for a sprint distance triathlon and the only one I am concerned about is the swim. Cold start to spring made a late start having the ice melted off the water. I am finally at it though! I love swimming but sometime feel pan...

Hannah M Open Water Swimmers Tribe

Hi all.  I used to enjoy swimming but I became sensitive to chlorine when I was 19 so I had to stop'.  I have been thinking about going to the sea for a swim instead but never got around to actually doing it.  This summer I have made a promise to...

Hannah M Open Water Swimmers Tribe

Malta is beautiful.  You are lucky!  I visited Malta in January so I didn't get to go in the water, but I would love to go back in summer and try scuba diving.  It's supposed to be one of the nicest places in the world to scuba. 

Janna C Open Water Swimmers Tribe

Contributorgold Janna C We've had the most amazing summer here in NZ. I don't think I've been in the water as much since I was a kid! The clocks go back tomorrow, so it was great to say goodbye to summer with an ocean race this morning :)


To be fair it wasn't very rough, but I hadn't really paid much attention to the settings and they were few and far between. After #2 I should have kept closer to the shore. Not a biggie though. Loved it and the visibility was amazing! One of our former Olympians did it with a kick board! And he beat me by 3mins; took the right lines ;)

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Hi Janna - where would you recommend as good spots to swim in NZ - will be visiting there in November and would love to get some swimming experience while there. Well done on the 2.8km in 56 mins - that is mighty stuff.

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Hi Tina, exiting about your trip! There are so many places - once you have an itinerary sorted let me know and I'll see if I can give you some recommendations. You need to be careful at some of the beaches especially on the west coast - but others are very safe. There are some gorgeous lakes in both islands.

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