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Organic Gardening

Spring is right around the corner - and it's time to start planning the garden. This tribe is for posting good ideas.

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Russ B Organic Gardening  Tribe

Contributorgold Russ B Gardening: a great all round workout


Love, love, LOVE this pic! I'm gardening a couple hours a day this time of year. Hard work but very meditative.... Good for body and soul. Can't wait for the raspberries to be ready for my morning outdoor breakfast!

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Callie C Organic Gardening  Tribe

Contributorgold Callie C Hi to all the gardeners. Garden is just starting to flourish having planted most of my plants for this season. Although might not be able to resist putting in some more tomatoes. Also going to have a go planting hue (gourds here in nz). What's happening in everyone's garden within the tribe?


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I'm so impressed! All that grows in my garden is weeds! SIGH!

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Hi Maria, lol what is the season where you live. The bees might still be enjoying the weeds:)

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We have two seasons; Hot summer & warm summer LOL I can't make anything grow, even the weeds look sad ; P

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Joanne H Organic Gardening  Tribe

Hi, I've just move house and once all the boxes are unpacked I'm hoping to get a nice veggie patch on the go. I like the idea of filling the whole available space both high and low. I've got a very interesting book on it in a box somewhere, I th...

Callie C Organic Gardening  Tribe

Hi all, I'm Callie and live in northern new Zealand. Love gardening but not always consistent, although can usually pull something out to add to dinner. Have also helped set up a community garden at work but need to work more on engaging more peop...

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16th February 2012



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