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Our Tribe for Personal Accountability

The purpose of this tribe is to help people get connected with virtual accountability partners for our fitness & health goals. SO, join in, and see who's in the group that you might be able to connect with and help keep accountable, as well as being held accountable by!

Everyone has different ideas and needs with, so pick as many partners as you need or want to help out with this--just make sure your accountability is mutual--you keep that person accountable, and visa versa.

That being said...Post away on your goals, daily achievements, etc.! And thanks, guys, for committing to this! Appreciate it tons!

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Claire L Our Tribe for Personal Accountability Tribe

After Friday's bodybalance class I came from work early and did a 10km run and then 5km park run yesterday, today has been a nice gentle walk with Mum and my dog, back to it tomorrow all things been equal, another ea...

Rita P Our Tribe for Personal Accountability Tribe

Yesterday: also took it easy.  Did some reps, but not a lot (mainly crunches).  Leg feels significantly better today, so I will do my best to get out there and take a walk...we'll see if I make it with my crazy sched...

Rita P Our Tribe for Personal Accountability Tribe

Check-in for today: Ran 2.5 miles in 19:29--definitely increasing my speed big time! :)  I hadn't expected to be able to run that far, as cold as it was this morning, but by the evening when I went running, it had wa...

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10th October 2012



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